Stresemann’s Bush-Crow (Zavattariornis stresemanni)

Brief description: a bare area around the eyes

Habitat: common bird in a restricted area of about 2400 square kilometers around Yabelo, Mega and Arero

Breeding season: February and March


Abyssinian Catbird (Parophasma galinieri)

Brief description: soot-grey, dirty-white forehead

Wing: 83-91 mm

Habitat: native forest at high elevations (2425-3000m)

Distributions: north (Simien Mountain)

Breeding season: February-August


Black-headed siskin (Serinus nigriceps)

Brief description: all black head (male) and dull green upper parts

Habitat: grass land

Distributions: high attitudes

Breeding season: not recorded


Blue-Winged Goose (Cyanochen cyanopterus)

Brief description: in flight; this species shows a pale blue forewing

Wing: no coded Habitat; plateau subtropical high-altitude shrubland or grassland.

Distributions: mountain lakes

Breeding season: no coded


Ankober Serin (Serinus ankoberensis)

Brief description: Greyish-brown upperparts heavily overlaid with dark brown streaking

Wing: no coded

Habitat: plateau

Distribution: cliff face 2-4 km north of Ankober town

Breeding season: October and March


Earlanger’s Lark (calandrella erlangeri)

Brief Description: large black patch on side of the breast, blackish forehead upper parts heavily black & very dark white-edged tail when flushed

Wing: no coded

Habitat: open dry agricultural field

Distributions: Bale Mountains, enroute to Goba only


Salvadori’s Seedeater (Serinus xantholaema)

Brief description: overall grayish-brown on upper parts. Slight streaking on the mantle. Dull greenish-yellow rump.

Habitat: semi-arid desert scrub, savannah with scattered trees

Distributions: Mt Fentalle and Aliyu Amba-Dulechain in the eastern lowlands

Breeding season: no coded


Harwood’s Francolin (Francolins Harwoodi)

Brief description: first recorded in 1898 aheafeg.

  1. U-shaped pattern on the black and white breast feathers.
  2. Has red legs and red eye patch

Wing: 180-190 mm

Habitat: valleys and gorges

Distributions: upper Blue Nile to Debre Markos – Dejen Bridge 160 km.

Breeding season: December to February


Abyssinian Long Claw (Macronyx flavicollis)

Brief description: yellow throat, solid dark necklace

Wing: 83 -95 mm

Habitat: open grasslands

Distributions: South Eastern and western highlands

Breeding season: January – February


Liben Lark (Heteromirafra sidamoensis)

Brief Description: small, large-headed, short-tailed lark

Wing: no coded

Habitat: calcareous plateau

Distributions: east and south of Negele


Yellow-throated Seed Eater (Serinus flavigula)

Brief Description: grey-brown back, long tail and small pale yellow throat patch

Wing: 64-70 mm

Habitat: Semi-arid desert

Distributions: Awash National Park

Breeding season: not recorded


Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco (Tauraco Ruspoli)

Brief Description: Fresh green check red bill and narrow crimson lined above a nicely lobed watt led eyelid

Wing: 180 – 184 mm

Habitat: Juniper forest

Distributions: Borena zone

Breeding season: September – October


Yellow-fronted Parrot (Poicephalus Flavifrons)

Brief description: a bright green parrot with crown extensively yellow

  1. Orange-red eye

Wing: 160 – 188 mm

Habitat: large trees

Distributions: western and southeastern part of the highlands

Breeding season: most months of the year


Spot Breasted Plover (Vanellus Melanocephalus)

Brief description: small yellow wattles in front of the eye and short yellow legs

Habitat: around high land grassland

Distributions: northern and central highlands with a range from 1800 to 4100 m.

Breeding Season: April (Bale National Park) and August in Shoa District


White-tailed Swallow (Hirundo Megaensis)

Brief description: blue and white swallow

Wing: 100 -105 mm

Habitat: short grass savanna

Distributions: 10,000 km2 between mega and yabello

Breeding season: not coded

Source: EWCA