Emperor Menilik’s Monument

The monument was erected to commemorate the victory of Adwa, where Ethiopians under the leadership of Emperor Menilik ІІ defeated the Italian aggressors in 1896. It is located at Menilk Square, center of Addis Ababa.

China-Africa Memorial Statue

It is a monument erected to symbolize China-Africa relations. This statue exhibits the role Ethiopia played to consolidate the China-Africa relations. It is located near bole Airport, A.A.

Emperor Theodros ‘Sebastopol’ Canon

A symbol of special cannon erected to commemorate Emperor Theodros ІІ and his canon: Sebastopol. This monumental symbol is located at the Churchil Road, Theodros Square A.A.

Martyr’S Monument

The monument was erected to commemorate those who were killed while fighting against the former military regime. It is found in Makalle, Tigray.

Ras Mekonnen’s Statue

The statue was erected to commemorate Ras Mekonnen who was the father of Haileselassie І. It is found outside the Walled City of Harar.

Abune Petros Monument

This monument depicts an Ethiopian martyr and spiritual leader who was killed during the Italian invasion. It is located close to the St. George Church near the Addis Ababa Municipality.

Victory Monument

It is also known as “Miyazia 28” and is erected to commemorate those who courageously fought and defeated the Italian fascist invaders. It is located at Arat Killo Square in Addis Ababa.

Yekatit 12 Monument

This monument was erected for the Addis Ababa city martyrs that had been massacred by the Italian fascist in February 20, 1942.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Tourism Brochure